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Michela’s struggle with endometriosis and infertility made her feel often angry with her own body.
Everything changed with pregnancy, a new purpose pushed her to start taking care of her body-skin with the attention it deserved, creating a new sense of self love. 

Dreaming of sharing this new feeling with others, she reached out to old colleague Victoria, the only creative spirit that could interpret her idea and put it into visuals.

“We are complementary souls. Our different experience in the beauty industry and our passion for skincare drove us to found Roads of Beauty together. We want to focus exclusively on bodycare, representing all shapes, sizes, shades and genders.

Our roots are mixed between Italy, Germany and France and we want our brand to represent this multiculturalism. 

Roads of beauty is colorful, diverse and European, we hope that through our products more and more people can feel happier in their own skin.”