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Hey you, welcome to Roads of Beauty! 

Let me tell you more about me.
I have been struggling accepting my body for so long, mainly due to endometriosis and infertility.
Once I finally got pregnant, I have discovered a new me.
I suddenly started to research how I could take care of my body skin the same way that I used to do for my face, and once implemented a routine, I experienced gratefulness and positivity boost.

On this journey I understood that no matter our gender or experience, too many of us are often "mad" with our body, and we don't give it the care it actually deserves. Due to the socio-economical time we have recently been through, I found out so many people actually felt the need of body care as a gesture of self love and reassurance. 

For this reason I decided to create a new skincare brand that focus EXCLUSIVELY on body care, with the hope others could feel the same way I did.

All of our products are 100% made in Italy, developed together with experienced cosmetologist, in order to provide outstanding results, while ensuring a relaxing application. All of our formulas are vegan, without parabens, silicons, with ingredients of natural origin and produced with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). 

I hope you will enjoy our first line and all its benefits as I do,

#jumpontheroad with us!

Love, M